“Warung Anak Sehat” project

The “Warung Anak Sehat” project is a project, which is set up to fight against malnutrition in children. The project creates a network of female entrepreneurs who will manage healthy food kiosks inside schools. The women will do this by serving a pre-planned menu of nutritious street food. How? The provision of micro-credits will support the women in doing this great job of running these kiosks. Furthermore, they will also benefit from training programs in nutrition. This will create a synergistic environment for their operations!

The goal of the project is to contributes to reducing child malnutrition with the facilitation of access to affordable healthy food. Thus, thereby improving quality of life of children trough improving their health and nutrition status. But moreover, it will also provide even more benefits: the project creates job and empowers women. Furthermore, through the training programs the  nutrition knowledge of the mothers will grow. Want to know more about this great initiative? Please watch the video below!

Written by Jessica


Ecosysteme.danone.com [internet]. Warung Anak Sehat (Phase 3). Indonesia. Retrieved 12 December. Retrieved from: http://ecosysteme.danone.com/project/warung-anak-sehat-healthy-children-kiosk/


2 thoughts on ““Warung Anak Sehat” project

  1. “Warung Anak Sehat” project seems to be an interesting topic to discuss about! The goal of empowering the women and working towards creating a better community as a whole looks like a great benefit to this program. However, are there any possible limitations to this project?


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