What the Data Tells Us


So what are the numbers?

Let’s visualize the current situation of undernourishment with an image and graph.




Prevalence of undernourishment in Indonesia

If we look at the FAO Hunger Map 2015, we can see that the prevalence of undernourishment in Indonesia is somewhere between 5% and 14,9%, which is moderately low. However, compared to the majority of the countries in the world, Indonesia still has some work to do. But the good news is, Indonesia is making progress. Was it always like that?


Lets look a bit closer to the prevalence of undernourishment in Indonesia…

Did you know that 7.9% of the Indonesians were undernourished in 2015 and that this number used to be much higher in previous years? Look at that line going down after 2007; There has been a major drop of almost 10% from 2007 to 2015, isn’t that beautiful? This means that the country came from a moderately high to a moderately low status, according to the Hunger Map. However, 7.9% of a population with 258,316,051 inhabitants means that approximately 20,406,986 Indonesians are still undernourished. Which is a lot! So let’s continue to bring that line down!







[Source: The World Bank]

Written by: Jessica


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